[unknown maker], 1750 c.
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Year: 1750 c.

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No stand present.

Collection: National Museum of Ireland

Accession #: NMIDM:1994.18


Acquisition source - Mr.Paul Egestorff, The Egestorff Collection, 1994. Irish National Inventory of Historic Scientific Instruments, Charles Mollan, (Samton Ltd, 1995) pg 144. Correspondence w/ museum curator.

Public Notes:

Telescope/Spyglass – refracting, unsigned. Mid 18th century. (I.N.I. No. 604) Non-achromatic; ebony ends; wooden tube with red fish skin; draw of decorated green pasteboard; case. The eyepiece and the ferrule for the object glass are of black ivory; the draw tube has impressed decoration; the wooden base is covered with dyed fish skin.

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Optical Basics

Objective type: unconfirmed

Optical style

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Functional style

Materials: wood, pasteboard, black ivory, shagreen

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