Degola, Antonio, 1716
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Basic Info

Maker: Degola, Antonio

Year: 1716

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Manufacturing Location: Genoa, Italy

Signature: Joannes Antonius Degola fecit Genuæ anno 1716 Pal. 60 Rom. / Pro Illo et [?] Rmo D. Fran co Blanchino Sa Ma My Can co ac [?] D [?] Papa Clem. XII Cubic.o Onory

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No stand present.

Collection: Museu da Ciencia Universidade de Coimbra

Accession #: FIS. 1983


Correspondence w/ museum curator. See also Luís Tirapicos and Gilberto Pereira, "A Rare Telescope Objective Lens by Antonio Degola," Bulletin of the Scientific Instrument Society No. 111 (2011), p. 40. (Saved in database file structure.) Also reference

Public Notes:

Convergent gray-green lens, biconvex or plano-convex with large radius of curvature. Diameter is 77 mm and thickness 5 mm.Two inscriptions on both sides of its surface, along the rim. Objective lens of a long refracting telescope or an aerial telescope. According to the inscription, manufactured in Genoa in 1716 and offered by instrument maker Antonio Degola to the astronomer, antiquarian and leading member of the papal court Francesco Bianchini (1662- 1729). Apparently, reference to Clement XII is a mistake, since the Pope in 1716 was Clement XI. Focal length measured at 13450 mm.

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Optical Basics

Objective type: singlet

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Materials: glass

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