[unknown maker], 1685
Zahn, Johann, Oculus artificialis teledioptricum sive telescopium Arrow right Arrow left

photo - whole telescope
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Year: 1685

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Collection: Zahn, Johann, Oculus artificialis teledioptricum sive telescopium

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Public Notes:

Classical figures cluster around a large refracting telescope on stand. "This unusual illustration provides rare details not only of the telescope itself but also of a contemporary mount supporting it. Note the great length of this telescope and the hand crank and screw used to raise and lower it. On the lower left, two ladies discuss the operation of the eye and lenses while the putti below try their hands at smaller telescopes and at grinding lenses. On the right, traditional symbols of astronomy (armillary, quadrant, and astrolabe) are shown as having been eclipsed by the importance of the telescope. At the top, even the divine eye seems to look down from heaven with the aid of this device" (Bolt, 2009).

The first edition of Zahn's "Oculus Artificialis Teledioptricus" was published in 1685. The second edition was published in Nurnberg 1702.

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