Goeree, Jan, 1699
Hartsoeker, Nicolaas. Proeve der Deurzicht Kunde Arrow right Arrow left

photo - whole telescope
Basic Info

Maker: Goeree, Jan

Year: 1699

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No stand present.

Collection: Hartsoeker, Nicolaas. Proeve der Deurzicht Kunde

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"From Earth-Bound to Satellite: Telescopes, Skills and Networks", eds. Alison D. Morrison-Low, Sven Dupre, Stephen Johnston & Giorgio Strano. Brill, 2012, p. 51.

Louwman, P.J.K., and Zuidervaart, H.J., "A Certain Instrument for Seeing Far: Four Centuries of Styling the Telescope Illustrated by a Selection of Treasures from the Louwman Collection of Historic Telescopes". Wasscnaar, 2013. p. 66.

Hartsoeker, Nicolaas. "Proeve der Deurzicht-Kunde. In het Frans beschreeven". Amsterdam merchant-scholar Ameldonck Block: Amsterdam. 1699. Title page.

Public Notes:

This is an "engraving by Jan Goeree shows Hartsoeker’s long telescope with a wooden tube,
hoisted on a mast. To the left side another tubeless telescope can be seen (the objective lens
being hoisted into the mast of the large wooden telescope)" (Louwman, and Zuidervaart, p. 66).

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Objective type: unconfirmed

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