Unknown, 1650 c.
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Basic Info

Maker: Unknown

Year: 1650 c.

Year Range: -

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No stand present.

Collection: Museum of the University of St Andrews

Accession #: PH210


Project investigation, correspondence w/ museum curator.

Public Notes:

This telescope, of the Galilean refracting type, is thought to have been used by James Gregory. Dating from the mid 17th century, its lenses and mountings have been lost, but the extending parchment tubes remain intact. Telescopes of this type were large and cumbersome: this one extends to 2.33 metres, but Gregory's papers show that he considered buying one of 100 feet in length (about 30 metres). Now rare, they were largely superseded by the reflecting telescope designed by Gregory.

Length (open): 2330

Length (closed):


Exit pupil:

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Optical Basics

Objective type: unknown reflector

Optical style

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Materials: parchment

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