Unknown, 1650 c.
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photo - whole telescope
Basic Info

Maker: Unknown

Year: 1650 c.

Year Range: -

Year Notes:

Manufacturing Location:


Signature Notes:


No stand present.

Collection: Coll. Willach

Accession #: RW 102 [16102] [2013 06] [2023]]


Project investigation

Public Notes:

Trumpet shaped bone/ivory (slightly flared at objective end) with a cardboard middle component. The lens is held in place with a bone ring. Galilean style with a small field of view. Eyepiece f = -40 mm, free aperture 10 mm. Objective f = 160 mm, free aperture 12 mm (diameter 21 mm).

Length (open): 120

Length (closed):


Exit pupil:

Object status:

Optical Basics

Objective type: singlet

Optical style galilean

Physical style pocket

Functional style

Materials: bone, ivory, paper, glass

Optical/Lab Data

Drawtube data:

Drawtube notes:

Objective Data

CA curvature (diopters): CB curvature (diopters): PD lens power (diopters): fD focal length (mm): t thickness (mm): free aperture (mm): full aperture (mm): nD refractive index: ν Abbe No.:
Lens 1 160.00 21.00 12.00



Eyepiece 1
fD focal length (mm): free aperture (mm): full aperture (mm): s spacing (mm): CA curvature (diopters): CB curvature (diopters): M magnification: FOV field of view (degrees): Thickness:
Lens 1 40.00