Fransone, Gaspare, 1618
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photo - whole telescope
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Maker: Fransone, Gaspare

Year: 1618

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Manufacturing Location: Genoa, Italy


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Collection: Fransone, Gaspare. Argumentum Academici Clypei

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Fransone, Gaspare. "Argumentum Academici Clypei". Genoa. 1618. Title page.
Louwman, P.J.K., and Zuidervaart, H.J., "A Certain Instrument for Seeing Far: Four Centuries of Styling the Telescope Illustrated by a Selection of Treasures from the Louwman Collection of Historic Telescopes". Wasscnaar, 2013. p. 68. fig. 34.

Public Notes:

"Gaspare Fransone, Argumentum Academici Clypei
(Genuae 1619). Title page with the depiction of an early
Italian telescope. This pamphlet was written in 1618 by
the Jesuit Giulio Negroni, and contains an address in
which he expounds the philosophical aims of a newly
founded theological Academy in Genoa. The telescope
functioned as a symbol for this academy, which had
been given the Greek motto ΟΜΜΑΤΟΣ ΟΜΜΑ,
or ‘the eye of the eye’" (Louwman, Zuidervaart, p. 68, fig. 34).

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